Barnes Road Piping & Pump Improvements

TVWD will install water mains along SW Barnes Road and replace pump stations serving customers in the surrounding neighborhoods. Construction is expected to last 3-4 months. This project will occur in two phases of construction.

What is TVWD doing?Barnes Road-Catlin Crest

In the first phase, TVWD will install an additional 650 feet of water mains along SW Barnes Road to increase the redundancy of the water system serving this area. Most of the construction will occur near the intersection with SW Miller Road and west of the intersection. Some construction will occur further west. This phase will start in the summer of 2019.

In the second phase, TVWD crews will build a new pump station west of the intersection of SW Barnes Road and SW Miller Road near the current Teufel Reservoir. The new pump station will serve residents in the Catlin Crest and Viewmont neighborhoods, moving water uphill to those customers. This phase will start in the fall of 2019.

This project will increase TVWD's system redundancy and provide additional capacity to serve customers in the future. TVWD will also add three fire hydrants in this area.

How can I stay informed?

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Project notifications will be delivered via email, automated phone calls, or by door-hanger.

What Is the Timeline?

Construction will occur in two phases,totalin approximetly 3-4 months of construction. The first phase will start in summer 2019 and the second in fall 2019. This will be followed by final road paving, which depends on weather conditions. All dates are subject to change.

Why now?

The existing pump stations serving the Catlin Crest and Summit View neighborhoods are at the end of their useful life and due for replacement. This creates an opportunity to install the additional water mains while our crews are already working in the area.

Upgrading this part of our water system helps provide reliable service into the future and provides greater fire protection coverage.

How does this affect me?

Depending on your property type and use, this project will affect you in different ways and times:

Changes to your water pressure

Two serperate water pressure zones will be combined to one, more resilient pressure zone. This will only affect customers living in the Catlin Crest, Summit View, and Viewmont neighborhoods. These areas will have a slight changes in water pressure as the two areas are combined to be served by a single pump station. Homes without a pressure regulating device will operate more efficiently and likely have an increased lifespan for water fixtures like faucets, etc. Homes with a pressure regulating device are unlikely to experience any changes.

This change is scheduled to take effect May 15 for customers in the Catlin Cresta and Summit View neighborhoods. No water service disruptions are required for this change.

Viewmont customers will have their pressure changed at a later date.

Working Times

Work will occur between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Work may periodically occur outside of these times if approved by Washington County.

Traffic Disruptions

This project will include times when traffic alignment on SW Barnes Road will be shifted or reduced to one lane and controlled by flaggers. Traffic will likely move slower along the construction area; residents are advised to allow extra travel time throughout the project.

SW Catlin Crest Drive and SW Viewmont Drive will be reduced to one lane when TVWD crews decommission the current pump stations at each neighborhood.

Pedestrian access within the project area will be limited at times during construction. Temporary sidewalk closures will be signed in advance and limited to the shortest possible duration.

TVWD will maintain access to commercial and private driveways throughout the project. Temporary driveway access may be provided by placing steel plates over the exposed work areas while that section is being installed and/or connected, typically lasting one day.

General Construction Disruptions

During construction, heavy equipment and materials will be located in the work area. These areas will be clearly marked with cones and/or caution tape. When construction is occurring noise and dust may be present.

Water Service Disruptions

Limited-duration service shutoffs and/or system flushing may be required for this project.

A two-hour service shutoff will be scheduled to connect the new pump station to the water system once installed. Residents of the Catlin Crest, Summit View, and Viewmont neighborhoods will have their water service shutoff during this time.

Water service disruptions are typically scheduled in the middle of the day when most residents are away from home. It is TVWD's goal to minimize the water service disruption time for all users. You will be notified at least 48 hours in advance of when these service disruptions are planned.

Updated May 2, 2019