Thompson Reservoir Maintenance Project

TVWD is performing maintenance at its Thompson Reservoir. Construction is scheduled began in May and is expected to take 4-6 weeks to complete. The Thompson Reservoir capacity is 5 million gallons and was originally constructed in 1978.

What is TVWD doing?Thompson Reservoir

TVWD is hiring a contractor to remove and re-seal the reservoir's roof and replace the access hatch along with other site maintenance needs.

Maintaining this reservoir helps provide reliable water service into the future with optimal system flexibility for water storage and delivery.

How can I stay informed?

Please sign up here to receive timely updates via email.

Additional notifications will be delivered by mail or door hanger if necessary.

What Is the Timeline?

Construction begin in early May and is expected to take 4-6 weeks to complete. Some of the planned maintenance is weather-dependent. Due to a variety of factors, all timelines are subject to change.

How does this affect me?Thompson Reservoir Maintenance

Depending on your property type and use, this project will affect you in different ways and times:

Working Times

Work will occur between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Work may periodically occur outside of these times if approved by Washington County.

Traffic Disruptions

Heavy trucks and equipment may be pulling in and out of the driveway onto NW Thompson Road during working hours.

General Construction Disruptions

During construction, heavy equipment and materials will be located in the reservoir area. When construction is occurring signiciant noise and dust may be present.

Water Service Disruptions

TVWD does not anticipate the need for any water service interruptions during this project.

Updated July 1, 2019